Day 2: Koala Conservation Park, Phillip Island

In Australia, standard hotel check out time is 10am, but by 9.30am we already left the apartment, after having simple breakfast, a cuppa coffee with apple log we bought from the bakery the day before.   Koala Conservation Park opens at 10am, so we made a quick drive around Cowes, and getting more brochures from the Information Centre and head straight to Koala Conservation Park, about 10 minutes drive away.

Photo time!

With the Giant Koala!


Then as we enter the Park, leading to the  conservation area, took a slow walk,  we saw koalas on the  eucalyptus tree sleeping. There’s not many koala in the conservation area, probably less than 10 koalas. All of them sleeping..

This one look like Old Koala


Another one, sleeping higher on the branch. This one look cuter


I think Koala and me can be good friend. We are so alike. I also need a lot of sleep.  


We saw plenty of wild Kangaroos here too.  Or you call this as Wallaroo? Wallaby? I really didn’t know how to differentiate. But it is definitely in the Kangaroo family.

Later we drove to Churchill Island. See next post ya


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  1. #1 by thammelissa on September 24, 2010 - 2:58 pm

    oh noe…koalas ner…huhuhuh…
    did u get to carry them??

    • #2 by blurcheryl on September 26, 2010 - 12:09 am

      unfortunately.. dun have.. I heard Sydney got..

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