Day 1 Penguin Parade, Phillip Island

It was about 5.20pm by the time we finish our leisure walk at the Nobbies Centre, we saw a few tour groups arrive. So we’ve avoided the tour bus crowd, with lots of China Chinese tourist without manners. We head straight to Penguin Parade which is a short drive away, park our car nearest to the entrance. No parking fees needed.  It was cold then, and as advise we brought an additional windbreaker, just in case if it rains and the night getting colder.

We bought a 3 park pass ticket before we went to The Nobbies, with 20% discount from this voucher. At first the cashier wasn’t aware of this voucher online, and I told them I print it out from the website. After a quick verification the officer let us use the voucher without hassle. Cool… we even get a hot piping pumpkin soup for free at The Nobbies, if we buy 3 park pass.

Price for 3 Park Pass General Admission for Adult : AUD36 per Adult (before discount)

The park gate opens at 6pm. So we have a small tour inside the Penguin Park Centre, and later we were led to the beach walking through a boardwalk, passing the bushes and out to the concrete bench at the beach.

We were early, so we got a nice seat. The Red dots shows where we were seated and the Pink dots represent the little penguin. We were not allowed to bring any cameras and take any photos with flash, as we might frighten the penguins.

We waited until dark, around 7.30pm, and seat nearest to the bushes which offers the best view. Slowly we saw 1, 2, 3 … 7, penguin emerged from the waters and walk slowly in group to the shore then crossing the rocks that obstructed their way (I guess they didn’t know how to turn around and find easier route) and waited for each other to cross in group. The penguins ran as fast as they could, some fall down and unable to balance themselves, got up quickly and again ran as fast as they could to the bushes where they live. They are a hilarious cute bunch of penguin. Then we saw more groups furthest on the other end of the beach, in bigger groups  (penguin feels safe where its dark).  It was amazing!  Seeing the Penguin Parade in my opinion is a must do if you visit Melbourne.

At about 8pm, we walk back to the centre, and along the boardwalk, near to the bushes is where the little penguins live. We saw more penguins upclose walk or just standing there sleeping, or playing around. There’s one stupid tourist, took a few photos with flash and got caught by the Park Officer. Really stupid and ignorant tourist 😦

After Penguin Parade, we drove back to our apartment. It was very dark, no streets light. Hubby rely on his instinct to drive back to Cowes, he got good memory of the road, and we made it back to the apartment without getting lost. We did stop halfway though at one of the Local Grocer to pick up a bottle of Australian beer VB. It took us many rounds of card games before we finish up the bottle of VB, it doesn’t taste very good, hmpph  kena con by hubby.  


  1. #1 by thammelissa on September 24, 2010 - 9:08 am

    eeee…penguins are so cute!!
    omg…is d shark for real?? @_@

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