Day 1 The Nobbies Centre, Phillip Island

The whole trip in Melbourne, the place I like the most is Phillip Island. The sceneries are breathtakingly beautiful,  the weather is cool and freezing cold when the wind blows. So much greeneries, I love Phillip Island.. really!

When we met Dave at our apartment, he suggested we go to The Nobbies Centre which located only 5 minutes drive away from Penguin Parade. The Nobbies Centre is located at Summerland Estate and the best time to go is around 4pm cause after you spend some good time there, you can head for the Penguin Parade at about 5.30pm which is a perfect timing. I’ll explain that later.

So after leaving all our luggage at the apartment, freshen up abit, we drove to The Nobbies Centre, and stop halfway to enjoy the breathtaking ocean views along the road. There’s plenty of look out point for you to stop along the way.

We found out later, we made a stop at Shelley Beach. Hubby was talking on the phone and I got down to take a walk. Since Penguin lives here,  there’s no surprise that there’s unpleasant smell surrounding it, nearer to the bushes.


More photos…

THE NOBBIES CENTRE  (Admission : Free )

The Nobbies Centre is located at a headland offers stunning ocean views, and Seal Rocks nearby. You need to use the interactive camera’s in the centre, to view the Seal Rocks, Australian largest Fur Seal lying on the rocks 2km away, sunbathing. I think you have to pay AUD2 for the interactive camera and you can take and print out 3 photos from it.

The Nobbies Centre also offers great walk along the cliffs, also home to the seabirds, and watching seabirds fighting coz its mating season now. A slow stroll down the boardwalk are very much worthwhile, and therapeuting.



Seabirds everywhere.

I don’t have a nice photo of myself there.. this is the only couple photo taken on our own with the Canon G11. I look tired I know wahahahah

Next entry on Penguin Parade..


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