Glenisla Apartment, Cowes Phillip Island

After thorough research on where to stay in Phillip Island, some recommend to stay in San Remo, but mostly prefer to stay in Cowes. Both Cowes, and San Remo are very near to the Penguin Parade, that’s all we know. So busy following the days before flying off, we just want to confirm our last minute accommodation arrangement as soon as possible, finally we chose to stay at Cowes. Once we reach Cowes,  I am so glad that we made the right decision kekekekke because in fact you have to pass San Remo before crossing the bridge leading to Phillip Island or to be exact inner Phillip Island. Cowes is also the township of Phillip Island, so nothing can be wrong, at least it must be near to restaurants, eateries, grocers, supermarket, shops, Information Centre, etc.

We searched online for the apartment or hotel to stay in Cowes township and booked to stay at  apartmentsatglenisla which has good reviews. We communicated directly with the owner through email for the room booking and everything went smooth. Thank god! Forgot liao. Our room rate was AUD99 nett only.

Once we reached Cowes, we went to look for our apartment, its easy to locate since its near to the town, and with the TomTom assistance and hubby reading the map while driving (I read the map wrongly somehow) we finally reached the apartment. We were there about 2pm and the room wasn’t yet ready, so we head to the town just few streets across to have our lunch. We were so hungry!!

The first food we tried was the Burger from Burger Edge, and hubby chose the most expensive one for me to try. The portion is so big, but I manage to finish it with a little help from who else la. By the time we finish our lunch, it was already 3pm and we went back straight to our apartment as the Owner (Dave) gave us the key when we were there earlier.

Here’s the photo I’ve taken when we were having lunch.

This is how the apartment looks like. The apartment is very clean, the toilet wah..its white and as clean as a sheet of white paper, not even a trace of stain. The owner maintain their apartment really well.


There’s 3 heater in the apartment. One at the living area, sort of.. then another one in the bathroom when you on the light and the 3rd one under the bed.  I didn’t know there was one heater under the bed!! @$%#^!! What happen was, the night was so cold, I woke up middle of my sleep and found  my hubby slept like a pig..well  he is so exhausted. I can’t wake him, so I snug under his armpit so that his body heat will keep me warm. The next morning I told him how cold the night was and he told me there’s a heater under the bed and he didn’t plug it as he thought it was unnecessary. : ( Come ON!!! 

Here’s the pic the Owner  (Shirls) help us to take,at the front of the Hotel apartment.


For the record. This blog took me 8 hours to complete.. cause I was caught up with bizziness

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