How to drive to Phillip Island, Victoria

Melbourne.. Melbourne… I miss Melbourne already. Hope my next destination in near future, I will cover other region of Australia, could be Gold Coast and Sydney? Sorry Hubby, I hope you don’t faint, its just a thought for now. Okay?

Back to our trip. We plan to go to Phillip Island for 2 Days 1 Night, and we decided to drive there on the very first day we arrive Melbourne.  We booked a rental car 2 days before our departure and to collect our car at the Airport, head straight to the suburban of Melbourne/ Victoria via Freeway. Freeway means free, no toll.

So firstly, after checking numerous car rental site online, at last we booked our car from bargainwheels which is the cheapest of all. We chose the car rental company Spendless, which offers the cheapest rate of course. For 2 days car rental, including GPS and additional Insurance for Excess, it cost us AUD105 in total. Then we had our petrol tank filled up to full  for AUD39 which is enough for a round trip to Phillip Island. 

Suppose we rent a Hyundai Getz, 3 doors but some error happen, the operator and us are not aware when we give them a call at the airport to pick us up. But still, no fuss, they subsitute an old Ford for us, which is quite fuel efficient in my opinion, as we do not need to refill the tank when we return the car. Driving to Phillip Island from Tullamarine Airport Melbourne takes about 2-3hours drive one way, driving within the speed limit la.

So  we have our car, petrol, GPS, and we are so ready to go… vroom vroom. Wait a minute. The GPS, which we already set  to avoid tollways direct us to the Melbourne city! At first, back to our initial plan we wanted to avoid driving in the City of Melbourne but the stupid GPS lead us straight to the city. Aiyo, so we got no choice but listen to TomTom (the GPS). Driving in the city makes us so anxious because we didn’t know how to make the infamous Hook Turn. At somepoint, somehow we manage to not listen to TomTom  got out of the city and head to the Monash Freeway passing Toorak (this place got a lot of boutique shops). So my advise, yeah you will have a thick book of  map when you rent your car, but please please, plan your route ahead and lucky we got one.  

Once we hit the Freeway, we didn’t follow  100%  TomTom directions. Instead we follow the route planner as it is the easiest driving route guide to Phillip Island, and everybody in Tripadvisor gives similar direction as generated by the route planner. So we follow the planner, road sign and  TomTom will recalculate and ensure we arrive.

Route Planner

Just enter Start Tullamarine at the Suburb or Town box, then at the End enter Phillip Island.

If you plan to go more than 1 place, you can add another destination at via for example Mornington Peninsula. Very Easy.

Lastly, select Simplest Route, and Avoid Tolls and voila the Route Planner is generated for your easy reference. This tool is very good. Applause to Tourism Australia for their good work.

Drop by any Information Centre along the way, sometimes you may find some entry ticket discount coupons.  Or search online for discount vouchers. Here’s voucher for Spring Deals which you can print out if you are going there this Spring, or click Deals & Packages for updates.

See next blog entry. More on Phillip Island, be patient ya.


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