New Love- Canon G11

Canon G11. My new love, which I am not at all familiar with especially all those functions.. Guess I need some bonding to do, but this time a 3-some bonding between me, hubby and my new love. hahahhaha

Come owning the Canon G11, so many question marks pop out of my head, kind of Gadget shock.

Aperture?  (What is that)

AV?   (Meh?)

TV? (Television mode?)

ISO? (Err..)


In fact I have been toying with  the idea of getting a DSLR like Nikon/Canon like everybody else for quite some time now. It seems like a hip thing to have wakakakka and my Point and Shoot Panasonic Lumix cannot take Landscape Photo which very much pisses me off. My love with Panasonic Lumix is still the same and its white you know, but my recent upgrade is due to ‘sigh’ I’ve evolved! and want to shoot better. That is the reason why I got myself an upgrade and blame it on my Lumix. Hello… it cannot be User Problem.

Other than that,  I’d like to get my hands on to something better now since I carry a camera like almost everyday and learn up some Photography skill, with a cheaper start up investment with Canon G11, so if I am still hanging on to that camera for longer than what my Hubby expect, then I can further upgrade to a more premium and advanced Gadget I think.

Here’s how Canon G11 looks like. So handsome… (I describe it handsome because its black)

 According to the Sales Advisor @ Digital Mall, he told us that this camera is one of the best SLR in the market, and selling like hot cakes. My best guess, most Divers will choose this camera, due to affordability, usability and also the so cute WaterProof Case! This is a very good camera.. kehkehkehkeh  how awesome it would be if the camera is WHITE colour? (Hubby sure say ‘what’s with my wife, with the white colour’ )

To tell the truth  I also  fall head over heels on this waterproof case, and I will get this case, if I can endure the scrutiny from my hubby on the reason why (IF) I get it. You know la, if we go to the beach , go snorkeling can use mah?

This waterproof case is  irressistably cute!


I love my camera so much! and its a gift. ‘Secret Deal with Hubby’. TQVM! 



  1. #1 by thammelissa on September 9, 2010 - 9:43 am

    wah….casing oni so mahal?? @_@

  2. #2 by thammelissa on September 8, 2010 - 9:33 am

    nice cam wor…
    the waterproof casing indeed cute leh!!!

    • #3 by blurcheryl on September 8, 2010 - 1:33 pm

      mel.. yalor cute right.. its RM750 for that casing..

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