What I hate most?

  1. People who saw a problem and never bother about it
  2. People who is protraying how good they are outside (i.e. Clean, hardworking) but in fact is the opposite
  3. People who likes to complaint what other ppl does to solve problem. Loves to complaint but herself don’t even care or want to deal with it
  4. People who rather spend wholeday wasting time away, but give reason of busy.. just because ..
  5. People who makes others life difficult with her own attitude
  6. People who likes to create unharmonious. Always argue becoz of her?
  7. People who pretend.
  8. People who are lazy but dare to say other people is lazy
  9. People who set rules for other to follow, but ownself don’t follow
  10. People who have agreement of who’s turn to do thing but well.. I guess the agreement just vanish and only 1 is doing it.
I think thats enough right?
IQ test! Poison from China and Poison from Malaysia. What’s the difference?
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