2nd ROM Anniversary Celebration

Yesterday celebrated our 2nd year of ROM Anniversary (if count from the day we started dating, its in fact our 5th year together). We went to Porto Romano because I said so and after that my husband ditch me and went out with his friends for a beer and men gossips. Pretty sucks got ditch because men are kepochi too. FML
Guess he didn’t have a great time there and came home abt 10-ish and the wife didn’t wait for him. …. I was sleeping pissfully. Hubby said why do so many anniversary.. so he went to celebrate our anniversary with his buddies WTF
Well, I enjoyed the ambiance and the food in Porto Romano anyway
Our Table setting and  we are early enough for Happy Hour Promo, hubby ordered beer.
Here’s how the interior looks like. The wall are adorned with book covers memorabilia.
Paintings adorned another side of the wall
This restaurant has very nice table and chairs settings. wahahaha good ambiance for people who are romantic. Not romantic person don’t waste money come here. We saw a couple holding hands when they are busy eating and chatting – weird
Al Funghi Risotto! First time I tasted risotto. For me risotto is like you cook the rice tak cukup masak, but you put alot of ingredients in it and tasty stock to cook it with slow fire and the outcome..  look like ‘yat pek yeh’ again.  Hubby very confident I can make better Risotto that can suit his palate.
Pizza! We ordered .. forgot whats the name of the pizza.
Its No. 40 in the menu. I swear its No. 40.
The End-
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