Warning: Danger of Radio Station

Its dangerous to listen to radio at times. . I feel I’m in danger:

Yesterday, while hubby sent me to work, and on our way there comes the topic discussion live from one of the radio station, they were asking the listeners on a topic they shouldn’t ask la!

There’s this listener who call in and admitted she shop a lot, a lot lot lot and she confess she is a shopaholic. So the DJ ask her then what did you do about it? She said she will stash away her credit card, hide it and … I QUICKLY CHANGE THE CHANNEL. .. its dangerous to let her continue. My hubby is LISTENING!!

My effort to distract my hubby failed miserably, and he tune back to the channel and even increase the volume. In my head the SIREN is activated.. why the hell these 2 DJ put me in such a situation?? Talk la other topic! Then the male DJ ask another related questions, like why women have to carry handbag? Then one listener  saying his wife carry a big handbag so that she filled the bags with make up, keys, handphone and everything important and essential… BUT she never able to find anything inside the bag because the bag was like a rubbish bin.. DISASTER AGAIN.. my hubby so agree to this.. and keep on nodding.. he said ” I know I know”

Luckily its a short distance drive,  I am so ready  to JUMP OUT of the car when I reached the office.. I so want to run (in my heart) and my hubby just find this topic to be so amusing but very true about his own wife. For me .. its a lovely morning with a  NASTY ESCAPE!

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