Hakka Kuih

Have you seen this type of Hakka Kuih? Have you ever tasted one? The shape is similar with the normal ang koo kuih, but this type of kuih is olive green colour where the skin is made with a traditional hakka herb leaf.

 I love this Hakka kuih so much! and gosh.. its so hard to find this Hakka delicacy nowadays. This Hakka kuih is made with glutinous rice added with herbs which I really don’t know what its called. All I can remember is this Hakka kuih is somewhat called ‘ Gai Si Ten’ or tranlated to ‘ Chicken Shit Vine’ (I always call it Miao si something.. which is wrong I guess). My mom used to buy it for me for my breakfast from the morning market. The seller an old  Hakka lady made the best Hakka Gai Si Ten kuih that I could ever remember! I miss the taste of this kuih so much, and I always ask around if anybody knew about this type of kuih and where I could find them.

I guess, last Saturday is another one of my lucky day! I went to PJ Section 17 Wet Market doing some marketing, and I’m looking around to tapau breakfast and I saw this kuih! It was one of the joyous moment for me, my wish come true! I found this kuih!  The seller sold it at RM1 a piece. This one in the picture, the fillings are green mung bean with some ginger taste in it  ..ermm well  not to my liking actually. Some ppl made it with the salty turnip fillings, which is better but what I really like is just the skin of this Hakka Kuih. I just love it plain without fillings because I can taste the herbs as it is.  When I was a kid, I actually eat all the salty fillings first, then leave the hakka kuih skin last, and slowly chew it.. I just love that. I love the chewy texture of it so much and the herb taste (Oh! I repeated)

If any one of you know where else I can buy this type of Hakka Kuih, pls do let me know. Or where I can buy the herby glutinous flour or whatever it is needed to make this kuih, I’d love to get it too and make it myself. One day, this delicacy will be forgotten no doubt, and I really want to preserve this terrific hakka delicacy which is one of Hakka community best food I ever tasted. I am Hakka girl btw. hehehheh Its really heart breaking if one day, all I could remember is the taste of this kuih and its no longer being made/ available and ah if I got children la.. its a shame they don’t get to taste this Hakka delicacy. All a mother could tell is how good it is. So I better learn how to make it right? Oh. and my hubby and SIL also never tasted this kuih before and now they do know what kind of kuih I am talking about.


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