Travel Guide Book to Melbourne

I bought this Travel Guide by Frommer’s recently, and find it very useful. Hubby thinks that its a waste of money 😦
The guide book includes
1) Hotel Recommendations
2) Attractions
3) Self Drive Route
4) Walking Path Guide
5) Food and Beverage Recommendations
6) Map to all recommended Attractions – a lot
7) Attractions for Kids
8.) Romantic Attractions
9) Shopping Recommendations
10) Savvy Traveller Tips
11) Transport Guide
12) Suburbs Attractions
13) Tours Suggestions – One Day, Two Days, Three Days
I understand that its easy to get all the information we need from the internet, but its all scattered and printing so many list and attractions and packing it for our holiday in Melbourne would be a nuisance, not including when we need to search for the info’s in a thick stack of A4 printouts when we were walking down the street.  This Travel Guide has all the information that I look for with alot of maps, nice photos, and after so many readings on the internet, I can tell this Guide will be our Melbourne Bible  to explore and conquer Melbourne and will be a keeper.
I think hubby must be worried, I am going to stress him out during our holiday.  Well, its still going to be a relax free and easy holiday in Melbourne.. I prefer to walk and enjoy what Melbournites does, chill out, enjoy good weather, meals with good Australian Steak, enjoy Spring, enjoy wines.. So I guess spending more dollars on dining this time…. ah.. well shopping is a must right?
Now Counting Days  to our Melbourne Trip.. Can’t wait. July is coming. 2 months to go!! Woo hoo!!
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