Immitation Crocs

Crocs Saya Original La!


When I first owned a pair of Crocs Prima, Hubby bought it for me at KLCC when my niece’s sport shoe’s sole is somewhat malfunctioning. So while my niece choosing hers.. my heart dance when I get to choose one, not that I cant afford, but well I love gifts! It was Dec 2008 then right after our Wedding. Crocs shoes are a rave at that time!

I’m so proud to be wearing a Crocs, its comfy, but for the first few times I wear it I almost ‘pokai’ but still I tell everyone Crocs is good and the price is good. Its a good buy and its very durable and won’t slip even walking on wet floors. Happy to wear it.

When I went to Krabi, I actually bought a few pin buttons for the Crocs shoe, an immitation.  I chose Cherry pin and stuck it into my Prima. Guess if ppl who knew would know my pin is immitation, but not my Crocs. I’m still happy wearing/ having it.

Recently, I pull out the Cherry pin and left it somewhere .. hoping I wont be able to find it anymore, because its an immitation and wearing an original Crocs shoes with immitation Cherry just shout  ‘Immitation Crocs! RM20 or less only.. Cheap!’. 

But my Crocs is Original! Hubby paid RM119 for it, for my shoe, summo where got Discount want?! ! That Blue Prima I’m wearing  is an original.. grrrr…. Idiot! ( Idiot here refers to whoever thinks my Crocs is an immitation).

Now I wont even consider buying a 2nd pair of Crocs, there’s too many ppl wearing the same shoe, same design, coz the immitation Crocs is everywhere. Shame on you China Fart.. because of you now my Original Crocs looks like your fake Crocs!

F*CK you China Fart ..  ( I don’t mean it.. Hubby I wont f*ck around okay. Don’t worry)

I don’t want to F*CK them . Why would I want to f*ck those China Fart? Yes, I don’t call them with good names but Crocs should learn their lesson.

To Crocs:

Your pricing sucks!

Mass production is good, mass production means more profit, mass production means you can reduce cost, so y not sell cheaper and everyone can wear Original?  Now you have financial problems, because China Fart do some good they mass produce and sell cheap de..everyone can afford Crocs.

Thanks to you la Crocs for your design, and applause to the China Fart.. COZ

Fake Crocs.. sooooo affordable.


Disclaimer: If happen the Authority want to come knock on my door for buying Fake Crocs (Tuan, Saya Belum Beli lagi), go China please.. they are the culprits. Immitation Crocs has nothing to do with me. Okay?

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