Cooking Fiery Dok Bokki

Dok Bokki is a famous Korean Streetfood and if you dine at any Korean Restaurant, they will serve this dish as a side dishes. Most Korean cook this rice cake at home quite often because its easy to cook and is a great dish for cold days.

Here’s the ingredients that you need.

  1. Fish cake and fish ball (as seen on the packet, Cold Storage force me to buy the fishball, they are pre-packed)
  2. Spring Onion, I subsitute with Leek.
  3. Korean Rice Cake
  4. Go Chujang Hot Pepper Paste (2 -3 table spoon)
  5. Pinch of Sugar & Salt
  6. 3 cups of water
  7. Small handful of anchovies


 Firstly, make anchovies stock, boil maybe like 15-20 minutes to make the stock. Discard the anchovies.

Put the Go Chujang Hot Pepper Paste and stir evenly until the whole paste has dissolve in the stock.   Add in all ingredients except the spring onion/ leek. That should be the last, when the Dok Bokki almost done. Made a mistake here.

Add in the Korean Rice cake, salt and sugar to taste and let it cook with slow fire for 15-20 minutes, the Korean Rice Cake will absorb the stock and the stock will turn to sticky gravy in no time. Keep stirring the Korean Rice Cake so that it wont stick at the bottom of the pan and do not add more than 3 tablespoon of the hot pepper paste if this is your first time cooking Dok Bokki eventhough you know you like spicy food, coz the paste really super hot.

Ready to serve, Fiery Dok Bokki.


  1. #1 by blurcheryl on June 14, 2010 - 9:37 am

    Mel. haha youtube alot before cooking geh.

  2. #2 by thammelissa on June 14, 2010 - 9:28 am

    wah…serupa semacam wor…not bad not bad….

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