Kiasu Direction to Fraser Hill

I enjoyed staying in Fraser Hill….. But I hate the Winding Road! Gosh the road is so . so . so nauseating! All the way up the Fraser Hill the only alphabet that I saw is ‘S’! I never stop asking.. are we there yet? Where is it.. still more winding roads? More turn? Where is the Gap Resthouse from the direction we read on the net.? More winding roads, more more and more more more.. Cursing cursing all the way..

This is my reaction on my first trip to Fraser Hill, and my first Virgin Drive out of town. Yes.. I have more than 10 yrs driving experience but I never drove out of the city.


5th June 2010


and this is her


and hubby is worried like hell, till he have to give me a call from overseas to check on me.


I wont be too informative here, as you can get all the suggestions or advise from the internet if you googled. But because I’m kiasu, I just write abit bit here la. From Kuala Lumpur use the North-South Highway (I dunno how to connect to north south highway so pandai pandai turn here turn there waste some petrol and toll you’ll soon find the highway, no doubt) Look for Highway sign (Green colour in case you dunno) follow direction to Ipoh -Rawang and exit Rawang Interchange/Pinggiran Rawang and use the trunk road all the way to Rawang town and look out for the sign to Kuala Kubu Bahru (KKB). You’ll pass by Serendah, Rasa before reaching KKB. When you reach KKB, look for road sign to Fraser Hill. Very easy.

For more information: go to

After Kuala Kubu Bahru, towards Fraser Hill, you’ll passby The Selangor Dam and you’re definitely on the right track, lucky I saw The Missus blog with the dam photos, so although I’m in doubt, I am thankful and convinced, The Missus did pass by this dam. .. and I am less worrisome.

The road towards Fraser Hill are very winding, to avoid feeling nausea or vomitting, maybe can consider taking sea sick pill beforehand? The journey from KKB to the Gap Resthouse takes at least 30 minutes and the winding road is why I curse. I almost regretted going up the hill.. but the look of the lush forest, the greeneries, the nature calm me in a way.

Beware of the huge trailer, as the road towards the Gap Resthouse is two way and passing the Gap Resthouse to Fraser Hill Top is one way.

Plan your time ahead, so you won’t missed the Gap Timetable.

 Below is the map of Fraser Hill, and getting around there is pretty easy.. you may drive around or take a walk .. and its pretty cooling. I like the weather there better than Genting Highlands.

Easy Drive, even I can make it. Woohoo!! Applause Applause



  1. #1 by berrymelon1437101 on June 8, 2010 - 9:37 am

    Bravo… It was my first time to drove all the way to Tapah… and your first time to Fraser hil…. both also virgin drive.. haahah…

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