The Rise of the Terminator

Special Interview with Mrs Homely about the Rise of Terminator:

Interviewer: Who is the Terminator? Arnold Szwar ‘ mat ‘ nigger  retired long time ago right?

Mrshomely : ME

Interviewer: Ohohoho (laugh like santa) Why you?

Mrshomely: Coz I said so?!!? Why you need to argue with me?

Enough of my own bullshit


I hope PETA wont come knocking on my door, if they stumbled upon my blog.. especially this coz this blog is all about Mr. Lizard have to die.

If by now, you didn’t even know I hate lizards, you’ve not been following my blog frequent enough. Err.. Btw.. want to ask, I got blog before about lizard ka? Oooh.. maybe not.. I malas mau cari evidence la. So okay, nevermind whether you know I hate lizard or not.. I forgive you. 

Mr. Lizard?.. too good a name for these &%$#^&@ creature right? So.. lets call it Mr. Stupid Lizard.. I have good manners.. so they got Mr. in front of the name I gave.. shit.. no I decided tak main Mr. Mister. Mrs. Miss Tak mau. They don’t deserve it. Stupid Lizard!

These Stupid Lizard has multiplied in my house, having  party 365days a year and I hate them. Can you imagine my frustration?  no? Why I’m frustrated?

This is why.




This is serious right? I don’t need those lizards droppings to paint a picture of SHIT on my wall right? Imagine.. its your lovely home, you’ve got white white walls, as white as a sheet of Double AA paper.. then there.. Lizard droppings! This is why I hate Lizards so much!

They stained my wall, they stained my tiles, they poop anywhere, everywhere and I am the one who wipe shit! I don’t even need to wash toilet.. but I have to wipe shit!

Nevermind, I give chance to the Stupid Lizard, but they so freaking stupid.. whenever  I clean and they will poop, then again I clean and they poop again. They have no manners, not toilet trained and so disgusting and unhygienic. I hate them so much I want to kill each of them literally .. I said literally so PETA wont mind.. I didn’t do the killing anyway. I hope I got those killer eyes only to kill lizards.. look at them they die. How good is that right?

They leave me no choice! I must get rid of them. Summo its my house! How could they stay here and never pay rent, dirty the house and just play around! I hate them! I hate them! I hate them! I know I’m repeating here .. but I really Hate them! I hate them so much! (I clearly clarify to you all I got no OCD).

If you have the same problem at home, you may curi my Terminator Plan. I’m generous, I wont mind.

My Terminator Plan.

Tools needed.
  1. Unwanted spoon.
  2. Rats Glue (Must find the non toxic, Lizard don’t die, but I intoxicate myself? I will not let this happen)
  3. Insect Sticker, or Cardboard
  4. Anchovies or Salted fish or whatever leftovers.


The Great Success


In total 5 Lizards caught.

Total Cost per lizard: Material RM10.20, caught 5 Lizards = RM2.04 per lizard. Damn worth it!


P/S: Thanks Hubby for helping me discard the lizard. 

  1. #1 by Flora on June 8, 2010 - 12:35 pm

    Wow…great terminator! You are so ‘keng’…I have the same problem in my house too and am tempted to try this. But when saw the lizards in the last two pictures…feel like vomiting…hehehe..

    • #2 by blurcheryl on June 8, 2010 - 2:42 pm

      Flora.. no choice.. u see all those lizard droppings.. I really cannot stand it anymore.. its getting worst and I can see it everywhere.. Imagine.. no worries.. just do the sticking thing.. then if the lizard is caught ask the men of the hse to finish the job.. hehe

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