Kuantan Attractions Extra

I know I’m pretty crazy.
No.. I know I’m  Pretty  but  Crazy. This sound better.
Okay, enough of the self obsession later I will be considered as ah lian.
This time around since I’m enjoying my time so much in Kuantan, I better brag blog about it here.
Firstly, let’s virtually tour the Mini Zoo Teruntum Kuantan!!
Whenever I’m  back to Kuantan, I always requested hubby to bring me to the Mini Zoo in Kuantan. Yes, Kuantan has a zoo, its called Mini Zoo Teruntum, which is very near to the Sultan Pahang’s Palace and the Teluk Cempedak Beach. This time around, I get to go to the Zoo on my own, I drove to the zoo with my 3 nieces and SIL in tow, coz they’ve got no choice but follow the driver, Me! eventhough I got treated with Mc Donald Lunch.
Why am I so obsessed about the mini zoo?
Because…….. I got to see SUN Bear! See it’s so cute! I didn’t  explore the rest of the zoo, coz I’m only interested with SUN BEAR and I asked everyone I met the last weekend to pay the SUN Bear a visit! kakakakaka..
See the SUN BEAR so cute!!
The Sun bear scratch his ass in front of me but I didn’t manage to capture it. I so hope he scratch his ass more! haha
 Sungai Lembing was originally a tin mining town , they were among the largest and deepest underground tin mining producer in the world. The pit mines is closed on 1986 due to high operational cost and low yield. Go wikipedia to find out more.
If you are a Malaysian, more or less you will know that Sg Lembing is a mining town coz we studied it in Sejarah Malaysia.  
Things to do in Sungai Lembing
1) See Sunrise at Bukit Panorama
2) Buddha Cave/ Gua Charas (I have to correct this, my lovely niece laughing for wrong info here.. kakakakka 06.06.10)
3) Rainbow Waterfall
4) Sg Lembing Museum
5) Crystal House
6) Hanging Bridge
7) Starfruit Tree sighting
Due to time constraint, I only manage to cross the Hanging Bridge and Starfruit Tree Sighting. You’ll know why the Starfruit tree is a thing to do in Sg Lembing later.
Here’s how the Sg Lembing town look like. There’s plenty of Guest house here, so spending a night here is convenient  especially those who would like to climb the Bukit Panorama for the Spectacular sunrise cause you have to wake up at 4-5am latest (I think la)  and climb a very stiff manmade stairs  which anyone or someone  would eventually curse and later bitch about it or worst vomited, so I heard but I don’t wanna mention who vomited there, somebody I know la.
Here’s how the town looks like, with Khek Association and Hokkien Association building next to each other. Oooh do you know? I’m Hakka and Hubby is Hokkien. No wonder!
Sg Lembing Town has the smallest Petrol pump Station here. You can find Super Unleaded Petrol! Amazing! But Sunday Closed!
Here’s how the hanging bridge looks like. Not very shaky, and no reason to be afraid and be terrified, don’t act like stupid crazy ppl howling, screaming. Memalukan .. and don’t go wear high heels unless your other shoes is damaged unintentionally like mine.  
Kuantan is so hot & humid. The river also dried up.
On the other side of the Hanging Bridge, you will find this Sungai Lembing Food Industries, they are actually a small operating homemade Lam Meng Mee/Noodle.
Here’s where they make the Lam Meng Noodle and the uncle still using wood fire. This is hard work yo!
Bonus for whoever that thinks chicken come from supermarket, this is a picture of the chicken I took at Sg Lembing. They are a pair of cute couple right? Ayam Kampung Couple.. on holiday! Guest which one is a cock and which is a hen. Chi sin!
Due to the post is rather lengthy, I’ll post the Starfruit Sighting attraction in my next blog ok!
Stay tune.

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