Food Galore at Kuantan

This time back to Kuantan I act totally like a tourist! I’m from KL ma.  Although I have been following hubby back to Kuantan numerous time, this is the only time I never tasted a single malay food! Hubby is not pleased of course, as he really idam the nasi dagang, Keropok Leko, Temosa which look like curry puff, etc.. all the food Orang East Coast like.

Here’s the pic of the food I had during the short weekend. I forgot to take photos at the Seafood rest we had Shark meat, coz I ‘m too tired after the beach outing, and I have not showered 😦

Day 1

1st Day we are back to Kuantan, we decided to have Bak Kut Teh at 888 Food Court, Teluk Sisek for Lunch.  Actually I want to eat Bak Kut Teh! The Bak Kut Teh here super nice, especially the dry one.

Dinner, No photos, sorry. But super nice! If you are in my Friend’s list in FB, you can find the picture of the shark meat and all in one of the Kuantan Trip album.

Day 2

On 2nd Day, we went to Sg Lembing for Breakfast at the Wet Market. If you happen to visit Kuantan, you must plan a Day Trip at least to Sg Lembing.


You won’t miss the market, find Market street. The market is next to a 2 storey Guest House.


This is the recommended stall, the food is super nice!


If you can’t wait, 2nd option, go to this stall, but really not so nice! I rather wait and fight for my tofu food.


This is how both stall cook their tofu! Really very nice, I actually have to fight for my tofu there. Kiasu la me!

Here’s the food we had at Sg Lembing.


Siew Yoke, Fried Mee and Mee Tomato.


The Lam Meng Mee in soup and in the rich Curry gravy. We didn’t order this one, scare cannot finish the food and true enough, super full!


My SIL same Kiasu like me, we took all the tofu puff with meat on the table in total 10pcs left and the customers behind us have to wait for next round. I kiasu too, I jump queue politely, coz I asked ‘Excuse Me and said Sorry”.

The Pork meat ball.


The Tofu that I have to fight for it, coz there’s no more left. Suppose have half the kuali and the owner ask me how much I want, I told her ‘How much you’ve left, I’d take all’ but but halfway, my tofu gone to other ppl’s plate and left 4 pcs for me oni!


Back to Kuantan, Tea time, we went for the super nice ABC and Cendol and Mamak Rojak. Super Nice and I love my Kurang Manis Cendol so much! This ABC stall is next to the Shell Station near to Vistana Hotel.


Dinner time we went to Alor Akar Seafood Restaurant which is very famous for their Beggar’s chicken.


They serve leong sui in this kind of bottle. At first I thought why every table order beer.


The Beggar’s Chicken (Sudah makan baru take photo)


Food that we ordered. Sam Bou dan, Choi Dam, Beggar’s Chicken, Ku Lou Yoke, Tofu with Mince Meat.

Day 3



Our nieces recommended this place so many times, but we never went. So this is our first time dining here. Pizza is superb! Good recommendation. The owner are very generous with the cheese.


Come to Kuantan, and don’t forget to try out the food here!


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