Black Pepper Udon with Chicken

Nowadays I keep on posting abt food in my blog, but no worries, it’s not going to be turn to a cooking blog, even though I am a self-proclaimed chef!

So here’s another 1 of my simple cooking for the lazy me, totally unplanned coz again too lazy to go out hunt for food and just stay at home and cook whatever we have in the fridge.

Let’s see what’s in the fridge

  1.  Cabbage – 2 weeks in the fridge
  2. Onion – 1 month old
  3. Chicken – More than 1 month in the freezer
  4. Udon- 1 month old I guess
  5. Maggi Black Pepper Mix – More than 1 month old
  6. Red Chilli – 2 weeks
  7. Golden Kiwi – 1 week plus
  8. Ginger- 3 weeks, I guess bought it at Tesco on 1st or 2nd May kakkakaka

Here’s the Black Pepper Mix and the udon I use. Get the better grade udon, coz there is difference in the udon noodle texture, this 1 is the cheaper one from Jusco not too bad, but I prefer another brand I got from Isetan.

Firstly, fry the Onion, Red Chilli, and ginger. You might notice I like to use Big Yellow Onion coz they can be kept longer compared to those red ones, which always ended up rotten with maggots which would tempt me to throw away my Tupperware Onion Keeper, luckily each time when this happen, I have Calvin around to help me clean it while I scream coz I saw those maggots and I am so terrified. So no more red onion unless I ‘m going to cook it soon.

Oh I also use my Tefal Pressure cooker this time so the oil wont splatter everywhere. Too lazy to clean this time.

Then add in the chicken, and fry till its cooked, use slow fire please, and add the black pepper mix, follow instruction printed on the packet.

At the same time, blanch the udon noodle for abt 15 minutes and drain.

Fold in the udon noodle into the pot, stir evenly. I add the cabbage after udon coz I prefer the cabbage still crunchy and not too cooked. I also add a bit of dark soy sauce so the udon noodle got better coloring haha. Taste wise no problem, no effect at all.

Tadaa!!! My Black Pepper Udon with Chicken.



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