HTC Legend

For the past 1 month, I am using a hands me down Nokia E71 from my hubby. In the beginning when I am toying with the idea to get the iphone when Digi launches their ever exciting packages, but later I abandon the thoughts cause I’m bloody ‘pokai’ puke blood broke in the first place.

So since the hubby can’t wait for the wife to change a new phone , (in actual fact I’d spend thousands on bags but I never really fancy an expensive phone) Thenafter  hubby decided to give me his phone and he got himself a htc Legend, with Android interface or something.

This is how the HTC Legend looks like. Awesome right? Looks bulky but its not, and the screen is made of glass like iphone, but with extra coat of dunno what.  Useless la for me to explain, go google the spec. Don’t ask me about the spec and what it can do, this I’m Tech Bimbo, and know nothing of the techie thing unless you want me to paste from other sources like wikipedia or some forums.

What I can tell in layman terms are you can go online, browse like a small netbook, almost similar features like iphone, take photos, play game, replying emails, just to name some basic stuff, there’s more but I don’t really understand what hubby told me, just nod with blank look.  (really ! O.o) sorry!


Okay, this post is boring. Let me add some spice to it. You know at last what fascinate me about this phone? We woke up early on one freaking workday, and hubby show me his latest game he downloaded. Its Strip Blackjack!! The game is about stripping, my hubby don’t have to strip la but the girls in the game have to strip. Its just a few photo shown and yea, u can really bet them strip naked. haha

This is the most useful part of a smartphone IMHO, when you’re bored there’s thousands of application for you to download and play! Many weird applications to be downloaded too. An Eye opener mostly!

Note: I’m not complaining abt my E71, I find it troublesome for me at first, coz I need to handle it with care and so scared of dropping it on the floor, clumsy me!


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