Who SOLD Me?

Time tested and now I lose my temper on those phone calls, I’m sorry that you called. Yea! Coz I am damn pissed off! I got these kind of calls almost everyday and its frustrating!! Who Sold me? Who? tell me ! tell me! Idiot Moron, you make money without my permission you stupid Onion Head!

What calls do I received? I bet this happen to you too and here’s how I DEAL with them, and I use alot of stupid in my head.

Phone Rings for all the calls la of course
Caller A: Hi Ms. Chan Cantik?
Me: You’re calling from?
Caller A: Are you Ms. Chan Cantik?
(Stupid right, why should I reply you that’s me and that’s my name there’s so many scam out there? Idiot)
Me: What is it regarding?
Caller A: I am calling from Hotel Onion Head.. can you give me 2 minute?
Me: No I am busy
(Caller A still want to talk)
Caller A: Actually our Hotel wants to offer you our membership bla bla bla
Me: I am not interested with whatever you want to offer me! Ok! You hear me! I don’t want to know
Caller A: Can you please tell me why?
(Stupid idiot, Its not Free right? Malas Cakap summo)
Me: (Hang up the phone)
Caller B: Hi is this Ms. Cheryl Cantik?
(Argh.. again?)
Me: Who is it?
Caller B: Ms. Cheryl Cantik.. you got ‘Onion Head’ Bank Credit Card Right? We would like to offer you balance transfer
Me: I cancelled the card already
Caller B: Do you want to apply it again?
(What? Freaking Asshole ! !!!!! )
Me: (Hang Up)
Caller C: Hello, Ms. Cantik
Me: What is it regarding?
Caller C: Are you Ms. Cantik
Me: Why should I tell you? Duh!
Caller C: We’re Calling from ‘Onion Head Gila’ Bank Credit Card and we would like to offer you balance transfer
Me: I don’t have debt, what to transfer?
Caller C: Oh, then can we offer you attractive Personal Loan
Me: Why would I want a personal loan?
Caller C: Maybe you want to shop?
(Idiot la this caller!)
Me: (Hang Up)
(Caller C call back)
Caller C: Hi Ms. Cantik, why do you hang up my phone?
Me: (Hang Up again)
Caller D: Hi Ms. Cantik Cantik
Me: How can I help you
Caller D: Are you Ms. Cantik Cantik?
(They all got script geh, so its always the same.. no creativity cis!)
Me: What is this about?
Caller D: I am calling from Onion Head Gila Bank  and we would like to offer you personal loan?
(Why  stupid bank Call again? They give my name to several ppl..)
Me: Somebody called me awhile ago, and you call me telling me the same thing! Stop Calling me.
(Hang Up)
Caller E: Hello Ms. Banyak Cantik
Me: What is it regarding
Caller E: I am calling from Bank Onion Head Gila Gila
Me: I am not interested with whatever you want to say, don’t call me. (Hang Up)
Caller F: Hello Ms. Terlalu Cantik
Me: Who’s on the other line?
Caller F: I am calling from Bank Banyak Onion
Me: What is it regarding?
Caller F: We want to tell you exciting news, our Bank has pre approved bla bla bla
Me: Wrong Number la!
(Hang up)

I bet on the other end, sure ask ‘Why got this kind of ppl want?!’  I’m sorry! But I hate your job! I don’t want to be mean.. Stop Calling me!



  1. #1 by Melissa on May 19, 2010 - 9:32 am

    muahaha….LOL cheryl..i like to read ur conversations. like the way u answered!
    u r way too cute ler…. =)

    • #2 by blurcheryl on May 19, 2010 - 11:57 am

      Mel Mel, Cute means ugly but adorable wor.. haha I’m not horrible person right answer like dat.. But I don’t care la.. really malas receive all these calls, make me puke blood

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