Jealousy Potion

‘Pop! Szzzz, Clunk’ I open the bottle of stout and throw away the cap. Hubby  standing behind me while washing the cup suddenly hear that familiar sound turn slowly facing me.. and with his Ninja Gaze almost wanted to make the kill when he saw me holding his bottle of Guinness Stout opened.

Hubby: Err.. What are you doing with my Stout?

Me: I am using it for cooking 😛

Hubby: Argh (crazy screaming)

When I told Hubby, I am going to slow cook the chicken with Guinness Stout, my hubby fainted. He fell to the floor and stay there motionless. Well that’s my imagination, coz he cannot live in this world if there is no Guinness Stout . He always said whoever invented beer and stout are geniuses. What to do.. Beer and Stout is his soul mate. Not Me!

Ooh I hope hubby don’t mind I describe him as such. Oh dear.. you should be happy I made you the star of the blog today! Chicken + Hubby + Stout but its true! 100% true. Don’t deny it.

His first reaction in fact that is with the exclamation mark !!!!

Hubby: Expensive Dish!!!

Me: ‘Meh wah? (What?)Very Expensive meh I replied. (just drink the Guinness is cheap ka?)

Nevertheless, I ignore what he said and cook this.

I call this  soup the JEALOUSY POTION. Why? Because my Husband is Jealous that the Chicken drink the stout first, hence Jealousy occur.

You don’t like the name? Okay, name this dish for me.


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