Urgh Egg Fanatic


In fact I never tried any Egg Benedict in my life, but stumbled upon this Eggies recipe so I decided to invite my Hubby to be my guinea pig again. Poor Him

If you too does not know what is egg Benedict, you may google it. There are lots of recipe on the web and its pretty easy to make. Since I didn’t know how to make English Muffin and I doesn’t want to buy a loaf of bread on Thursday just for this meal, so I substitute the English Muffin with homemade crepe.

And as for the Bacon, I don’t have any in my fridge. Well my funny hubby doesn’t really like to eat bacon as it’s too salty, so again I personalise the recipe. Bacon substitute with thinly sliced pork meat. Shown in the photo, I sliced the pork so thin it’s almost transparent, but hmm my camera doesn’t do any justice to my remarkable knife work. I marinade the pork with some Mc Donald’s Pepper (yep, from Mc Donald, ermm I kind of took too many of it, tipu and why waste right 😛 haha), a dash of salt and light soy sauce only. Tips: To slice the meat very thin, slice the meat when it’s still hard as ice, don’t wait till it is defrosted and lembik, it’ll be impossible to do it then.

P/S: Don’t look at my nails.. I didn’t file it properly yo 😦

And my gila hubby said this photo he took for me (see I hold the thinly sliced pork meat with both hands) looks like ‘pussy’. Chi sin!

Done 1st half.

Then crack the eggs and put it in the saucer or bowl separately. Boil the water and when the water is bubbling hot, turn it to low heat and make parboiled egg. Sorry forgotten to take picture, so google sendiri la how to make parboiled egg. After that, the Sauce! Hah! I never tasted Hollander Sauce before, so I can’t really comment how it suppose to taste like. Again google the recipe of the sauce. Tips: Be careful with the stove fire, controlling the temperature while making the sauce is very important, and never stop stirring the sauce, or it may curdle and unsaveable. As in the pic, the colour of my sauce is really nice, and compare with the sauce in the web, my sauce look ‘right’ ok!

At last, everything done, and my Egg Benedict is set. I add the banana as dessert on the same plate. Does this look like some kind of  ‘Gourmet’ food? Most of the ppl eat this for Breakfast or Brunch, like I care la right. I want to eat it as dinner! Anyway who’s got so much time to do it for breakfast? See my perfectly done parboiled egg, the yolk is still runny! yum yum.

Being Malaysian, and my Homemade Hollander sauce is really not to my liking, I reserved the Chilli Sauce and the Four Cheese sauce just  in-case my Hubby wasn’t happy being my Guinea Piggie. Macam mana pun, no matter how bad is my cooking, or how weird my cooking is, applause to my hubby, as he finish half of the Hollander Sauce eventhough he commented it taste weird.

The End.

  1. #1 by Melissa on May 7, 2010 - 11:10 am

    wahhhh…the breakfast look so yummy!!! =)

  2. #2 by Flora on May 7, 2010 - 9:36 am

    Ooooooo, looks delicious. Your sliced pork meat really look like bacon after cooking. Yums…

    • #3 by blurcheryl on May 7, 2010 - 9:40 am

      My hubby like the pork meat the most. He said the meat is the most delicious 😦 cis! Carnivore

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