Will you choose to be women again?

Will you choose to be a woman in your next life, next next life? I would without thinking twice! Ask Men, will they choose to be women in their next life, they would not, and I find them stupid.

Reason why Men doesn’t want to be a woman.

  1. They won’t experience the monthly menstruation thingy
  2. They don’t have to give birth to their baby

Reason why I still want to be women

  1. Blame the husband who is not helping around at home. talk about equality here
  2. Get to be pregnant, and give birth! Thats a beautiful experience
  3. 2 months maternity with the option to become housewife
  4. Get to do Manicure & Pedicure
  5. Get to wear beautiful lingerie, and spend RM40 for a panty
  6. Get to wear Make Up and Lipstick and not called ‘ahkua’
  7. Get to be emotional and cry, blame it on monthly period/hormonal change
  8. Get to eat Bird Nest and tell the husband, he doesn’t need to look pretty.
  9. No need to keep ‘bulu’ under my armpit.
  10. No curly hair on my leg, on my chest
  11. Need not worry about balding due to high testosterone
  12. Get to shop for clothes, with so many beautiful design to choose
  13. Get to wear high heels
  14. Get to perm hair, straighten, relax, keep it long, colour it, tie it, wear hairband
  15. Get to wear skirt, and on hot days let more air under the skirt when nobody’s looking. ahahahah
  16. Get to accessorize, wear ring, Diamond is women’s best friend, but men’s enemy
  17. Cry and get away from getting the ticket from the enforcement officer, occasionally, with tears and blame it on women tak pandai drive, tak tahu jalan, salah ke tuan? minta maaf.. uwaaa.. i tak tahu! 
  18. Get to buy vibrator from ‘ store’ and be called sexy, not like men.. with the blowup doll and be called pervert and Sex maniac
  19. Does not need to be macho and move house, change the bottle water dispenser.. hey fragile women not enough strength
  20. Be a gentlemen! “ladies first’ treatment
  21. Ladies Night (where’s Men’s night?)
  22. I can tell everyone I like Hello Kitty , Play Barbie Doll and Torture Kent
  23. Get drunk quicker and thus cheaper.
  24. Get to carry and obsess about Handbags, and have lots of them
  25. Get to have boobs and flaunt it (ahem)

Being women are far better than men!

  1. #1 by Ashley on May 7, 2010 - 2:46 pm

    LOL! Me likey like this!!!!! Hahahaha…. Hell yeah i want to be a woman again. 😀

    • #2 by blurcheryl on May 7, 2010 - 3:03 pm

      Great! Sama sama jadi woman.
      Those men miss out alot right?!! ahahahahah

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