Rescue the Shopaholic

Have any of you read the book Confessions of the Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. If you’ve read, then you must know who is Becky Bloomwood. She’s beautiful as in the movie, so am I! Ahem.

A shopaholic will always be a shopaholic, no matter what excuse they gave to themself , their partner or whoever listening. Shopaholic whether they realize it or not are not hard to identify, when these phrases, are well very convincing to them every time they shop even they have ZERO to spend in their bank account or at times, lead them to debt just like Becky!

You’ll hear something like

  • My moisturizer is finishing soon, I need to get one – in fact there’s still half bottle left.
  • Mother’s day coming, I should get her an eye cream so I can get the RM10 voucher for every RM100 spend and use the voucher as an excuse to get something at the handbag section.
  • Its sale time, and this is the time to shop! – In fact there are sales last month, 2 months ago, and mega sales coming next month.
  • 50% discount? I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been eyeing it – In fact I don’t have any Idea ‘Yet’ to use/have it, but 50% discount, and I save 50% of the original price! Thats great bargain.
  • 70% discount? Oh the last time I saw was 50% and if I use this magic card I’d get additional 10%- If don’t need it nevermind, wrap it and give to someone as birthday gift. Save a lot right?
  • Live by the hubby’s rules, Cheap and Cheerful but paying original price, without discount wouldn’t hurt ‘sometime’ and I really like it. What if there’s none left during sales?

When Shopaholic in action, do you have any idea how to stop them? Or will you stop them?

Here, give me a reason, whether this dress is a great buy or a waste of money?

Tube Dress from Island Shop:

Shopaholic remark: This dress is so Cheap! RM35 only. The last time I had one similar from Island Shop cost me RM179.

  1. #1 by Flora on May 3, 2010 - 2:03 pm

    Hi Cheryl,
    Just wanted to say hi since I didn’t manage to do so when I followed your blog.
    Love reading all your posts and find some really entertaining. Like you, I read blogs when I am bored, hence making myself known when following yours.
    Anyways, good to find someone as high spirited as you around. Do keep those post coming!
    p/s-Great photos from the Melaka post. Ooo, the dress is a bargain. I would have gotten it too.

    • #2 by blurcheryl on May 4, 2010 - 3:34 pm

      Hi Flora,
      Thank you so much for following my blog and letting me know you do!
      Its really great to know who’s reading my blog other than my husband kekekeke
      Will motivate me to write more crappy essays and share my silly thoughts.

      Ha! Thanks for supporting me abt the dress! I’ll bang my head if I didn’t get it.
      Again.. shopaholic really can’t control, but its good to be cheap and cheerful Shopaholic right?

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