2 Days 1 Night- Melaka Expedition

Went to Melaka last weekend 17 – 18 April 2010 with Ivy and Joon Leong. We stayed in Renaissance Melaka and upon check in, as informed by the front office, the hotel is running full so they upgraded my room to suite.
When I enter the suite, I was expecting something better, but instead I found that this hotel is abit rundown with some old furnitures still in the room, not malfunction but its really old and the toilet is outside the room (what? so inconvenient), and I really thought I wish they dont upgrade my room.
Here’s the pic of the suite we stayed in.

I hate this area! So old and rundown and not furnish properly. The sofa is really ugly. We stayed in Room 1618 and here’s the aerial view of the Straits of Melaka.

After check-in we went for food hunting a walking around the Melaka city:
In the photo, the printer has a glamour name isn’t it? Henry Waugh (Malaya) Ltd run by apek.

Oh, btw if someone is hungry, he/she might be imagining of food and my husband clearly are hungry, as he read the Malacca Home Stay as “Malacca Home Satay” and suggested we eat there?

Anyway, we went to the recommended Famous Chicken Rice Ball Kopitiam, Chung Wah at the beginning of Jonker Street, and after tasting it, as us 4 thinks that it is over rated especially on the chicken part, which has a really bad food presentation and tasteless chicken.

One thing I am most happy to be in Melaka was being able to shop in San Shu Gong. I really love their Kok Kok Candy!

While walking on Jonker Street, we found this rest and it is so crowded! They serve the famous Durian Cendol here and so we try it, and maybe because I am not a fan of gula melaka, I find that the durian taste were not subtle and its cendol is too sweet for me.

We also ordered a bowl of Spicy Asam Laksa to share.. taste wise so so.. nothing to be shout about and hubby complaint that its too oily.

Being too full, we just roam around the Jonker Street, Jalan Hang Jebat and came by the Malaqa House Museum.
Then we just walk about the back lane of the Jonker Street.
What could be better than chilling out with a bottle of beer.

At night we went to McQuek’s Satay Celup as we just saw it on the roadside when we were on our way to Portugese Village and well the food sucks. The gravy is somewhat taste weird and the food serve are off bad quality not even a decent stick of fishball. After the satay celup the night was raining like cats and dog we ended up buying Mc Donald for supper.
The next day before we went home, we tried out The Tree’s Durian Cendol, and surprise! I like it better than the one serve in Jonker 88, and it is not so sweet and it got a very nice durian taste with atapchi and coco de nata in durian flavour.
The durian holder are patented.

The End ~

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