Travel and Factors to Consider

People said, going for holiday with partner especially newly date couples, can make the relationship better or worst. I bet most of you have your own share of anxiety the first time travelling together with your bf or gf.
If you want to know your partner better, travelling together may reveal the personality of the person more, like habits, spending behavior, hygiene, holiday style or preferences, whether he/she is adventurous, independent, street smart etc.
So go for a holiday, be it a long or short. Its a journey of discoveries I would say.
To ensure a memorable holiday and minimise conflicts, I suggest you consider and discuss below factors that I have come up with:
Expectation Factor
Always research and plan ahead of course, however don’t assume that what you plan will be liked by your partner. You may want a relaxed holiday, laze around in the hotel, at the beach, your partner may want a jam packed itinerary for a full day, including massage and shopping. What you expect and what partner wants might be different, so discuss it, don’t assume.
Financial Factor
Who pay for what, Dutch or all sponsored? Very important. Usually I will book the air-ticket so I pay for the ticket price, and the all expense paid by the hubby, and he is cool with it. Even said so, always do budgetting as they are essential, so that it wont burden the partner too much, moreover travel suppose to relax not to add stress financially.
Flexibility Factor
Discuss alternative plan, what if raining, what you should do, cancel the tour and head to spas, shopping, movie, or food hunting? Be flexible is the key.
Teamwork Factor
Planning for travel, who should research on places of interest, having some input into the itineraries, place to stay etc, so that both of you are able to enjoy the trip together and not resent each other.
Space Factor
At times, if the travel takes as long as 5 days or more, dont be silly and childish for sticking to your partner all the time. If one request some private time, the other must not get angry as we are human.. we need space to breathe, to relax, to poo and enjoy a can of beer in the bathtub. Chill!
Food Factor
You may want to go for a luxurious fine dining, your partner may want to try on streetfood or have sandwich or burger just to fill up the stomach and finds eating at fancy restaurant ridiculous.
Time Factor
Not just about the travel time, also on sleeping late, nap time, waking up late or early to catch the morning sun, sunrise anyone?
. .
Romance Factor
I am not very particular with romantic gesture, being able to travel with hubby is romantic enough for me, or out of surprise a stick of cheap ice cream is romantic for me. If you are expecting some romantic gesture, candle lit dinner at the beach, speak up!
Packing Factor
Pack properly. Enough said!
Enjoy your holiday!
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