The Right Piece

This morning, as I promised myself that I am going to Jog every weekday, I woke up and change to my workout clothing, a knee length yoga capri, low waist, and a sleeveless aerobic top, put on my contact lens, clip my hair, wear my socks, my sport shoe with the mp3 on hand I feel sexy in those garments already and feel pretty energetic.
So I started off with Brisk walk and it was easy.. so I walk slowly.. and gradually add to the speed.. I walk a lil bit faster .. the next thing I know.. I am pulling my pants, the low waist is getting lower to lowest, I bet somebody might be able to look at my butt crack, so I keep on pulling and walk as fast so I wont loose the momentum. Since its still early and I don’t think anybody going to see me, I started to jog.
1 song, and I totally give up. I am so busy when I jog! I had 1 of my hand pulling my pants and the other hand pulling my top from exposing my belly button and my super fat tummy. I am exposed and how am I going to run like dat?
Run with one hand holding on to my pants so it wont fall and the other hand pulling down my top so that it cover my tummy? Hilarious? Nope.. It was frustrating! I woke up so early and I dont get to jog?
I blame myself for not finding the right piece of clothes, that I ruined my morning jog! Since I can’t jog, so I went back home and do some crunches instead as a consolation.
I’ll wear better clothes tmr, the right piece!
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