Husband and Wife Finances

Do you really know how much your husband earn? Did you tell him how much you earn?
Okay okay sensitive question right? How about
Do you know about your husband spending? Did he know yours?
Are both of you, as a husband and wife shared the same wavelength about finances? We girls use to believe your money is my money, my money is mine only. How about debt? Your debt is my debt? Not! My debt is your debt by force, yep.
This is really unhealthy for a relationship, having debts will always strained the relationship especially one of the party spend money unnecessarily while the other only spend when there’s need, thrifty and etc. Argument always heated up when finances/ money are involved. No no don’t get me wrong.. at the mean time (luckily), my husband aren’t really complaining yet, but I better think and act carefully and be tactful when come to my finances. Fuuh.. I am walking on a thin line here.. Not in debt, but no savings !
The previous months we followed our budget on spending, but recently I am not following anymore, and okay I know I am bad.. and this resulted in I am still broke after Chinese New Year and April is here I am still paying for Feb CNY spending? My Credit Card Statement came and I am shocked, broke, almost fainted that I need to ask my husband to pay for my expenses!!
Gosh.. suddenly I felt like there’s a siren above my head and the Red light everywhere rightaway. I really need to control ! Where did my money go? Husband pay for everything at home, and wife spend On.. jeng jeng jeng.. She forgot ! I mean I’ve Forgotton what I bought. That bad ! Maybe I need to eat pig brain so I will have good memory.. joking 😛
At this point, all I can do now is to refrain myself from buying unnecessary, no new clothes, no new shoes, no new anything.. I am eyeing on the Digi’s iphone.. but Nope.. I can’t have it. Hope to see that my CC statement next month would be ZERO… wishing now.. I am going to eat cheap this month no Duck King, No brussel, less Starbuck go Oldtown. .
If anyone want to treat me lunch, dinner, drinks you are welcome and your kindness are very much treasured and I will enlist you in my List of Great, Noble and Kind People I know (this List doesn’t exist yet, you might be the first one.. hurry!!)
Chi sin!
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