Vegetables Fried Rice

This is the first time I blog about my cooking I suppose, as I usually cook and eat it without taking pictures. So here’s my first Food blogging. I am no good cook, but my cooking can tahan la, presentation wise I don’t care actually and well my varieties of cooking are very limited, so my hubby doesn’t have high expectations even he does, his choice of food are rather simple and easy to prepare.
So, last night I cook Vegetables Fried Rice for dinner as I think Hubby should enjoy my cooking before he fly off to Jakarta today.
Here’s some picture of my fried rice

Look abit oily right, next time I should measure the amount of oil I put in. The rice amount were not tat much compare to vegetables I put in. No recipe for the fried rice, but the ingredient includes:

1. Overnight Japanese rice
2. Bean (dunno the exact name)
3. Salty Egg X 1
4. Egg X 2
5. Cabbage
6. Siew Pak Choy
7. Australia Carrot
8. Chicken meat ball Ayamas
9. Pork meat
10. Garlic
11. Yellow Big Onion Whole Piece
12. Korean Enoki Mushroom
13. Soya sauce

Serve with Home made sambal belacan. hehe

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