Silence in a Marriage

Is silence good for a relationship/ marriage? Hubby mentioned sometimes its good to have some silence in the house, guess he thinks that I make too much sound? No no not that kind of sound. Guess Hubby thinks I make the house noisy? But that’s not me!
I never agree to being silence with Hubby as I think silence means doom, like nothing to talk about, no interest, no communications, no judgement, no complaints, no everything.. just Mute. So I never like silence in any scenario. Even if arguments silence is the killer!! Really, the silent can make u hear the sound of the clock ticking or sound of anything which we never notice will become so clear to my ears and our mind will wander off like wats he thinking, wat should I say, should I talk first or wait for him to talk first? those kind of silly questions playing in your mind during the Silence period COLD war maybe.
Apart from my protest of silence in a relationship, sometimes u just can’t avoid silence and yesterday is one of the silent moment.
Me: (From the kitchen) Ny!! Do you want to eat apple?
King:( In the Living room )If you cut I eat lor.
Me: I’m not cutting it, I’ll peel the skin only
King: If you cut I eat lor
Me: I will peel the skin!! and you are going to eat it.
King: (No sound from him, first silence)
Me: There.. your apple
King: Take it and munching it.. while sticking his eyes on the Facebook game
Me: Enjoying my apple, enjoying it, so crunchy, juicy, sweet and thought of ..Anna who likes to eat really ripe apples, and couldn’t understand y, and still in my own mind world, munching munch
King: pass the apple after finish.
Me: Finish my apple and there !! SILENCE!!
See.. Silence is just unavoidable! We didn’t engage in any conversation during that time!! OMG …
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