How much is enough?

Again, I am writing here after listening to the Radio, just last evening. The topic of discussion was, how much do you think a married man should earn? And there are a number of callers and guess what, 1 lady call in and said RM10,000 per month for Married Man, another man call in and said for employee’s its hard to earn RM10,000 per month, most of the time its about RM5-6,000 per month. Earning RM10,000 per month is hard unless you have a business to run.
Then few more callers call in and most of them were saying RM10k.
Listening to that topic, makes me wonder, how many men are listening to these? In any way, it will give them pressure if they are not earning RM10K per month, and will the men chicken off when the girlfriend ask to get married and the guy wasn’t earning that much, or maybe lesser than RM5K? I personally thinks that girls nowadays are demanding too much, but couldn’t blame them right? Men and women are earning equally as much nowadays and the standard of living has risen so much compared to 10-20 years ago.
Speaking of Standard of Living, maybe some calculations of the expenses per month for a couple, see do we really need that much of money per month.
1. If owned a house, House Installment = RM1500
2. 2 cars installment, Husbang & Wife = RM 2,000
3. Household Utilities Bill, Electric, mgmt Fees, Water, Gas = RM600
4. Fuel Consumption for 2 cars = RM800
5. Eating Out, Social with Frens, Movie, Drinks @ Pubs = RM1,500
6. Groceries = RM300
7. Grooming = RM500
8. Pocket money for Parents each side = RM1,500 (Hey they need money for living too!)
Total = RM8,700. Shocking ?
Wat If with Children, just calculate 1 baby:
9. Milk Powder= RM500
10. Pampers, etc = RM300
11. Nanny = RM1000
12. Music class, smart kids, montessori watever = RM200
New Total = RM10,700 More Shocking?
Okay okay looking at the amount, maybe I exaggerate abit, give some discount like 20% to the calculations at least still need RM8,560 per month. Having a comfortable life is so difficult.
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