Recently I am watching one of the HK series Stupid Cupid opss terbalik is Cupid Stupid, love stories about Horoscope compatability and I check on mine also and here’s the outcome.
Seems to be Libra and Capricorn spells disaster in many of the sites I see, but I think this below is partly true to us or me, my own conclusion so far.

Love Match: Libra and Capricorn From ABOUT.com
What is written by ABOUT.com is all pasted here in Purple wordings and my comments in Pink.
This pairing has intensity and a mate-for-life philosophy that can overcome obvious differences. First off, Capricorn is not likely to swoon over Libra’s obvious charms. “izzit?” The Goat has a cavernous depth of cool “yea..cool bastard with the cold look” that keeps Libra guessing. Libra quickly realizes that being whip-smart and capable will win the Goat after number of failure, try Strategy ma”. Libra likes the extras of romance, “So true!”while Capricorn isn’t likely to invest in love ephemera ” waste money wor”. But if a bond emerges, Libra can rest assured that Capricorn’s gifts will be ones of lasting value “Ah hahahahah I know I know..kekekkekekkeke more to come”. Both are marriers “sudah tie knot lor”, and while it’s got built in frictions, this pair can find a harmonious balance “Dunno hubby found harmony yet? I do.” . Capricorn minds the structure of the relationship, while Libra adds the flourishes “Libra charasteristic ma, balance, charming, lovable, love of art etc”.

Got more written in ABOUT.COM.. but this part enough la, malas write so long .. susah to read oso. Conclusion is we are Match Made in Bukan Heaven. disaster wor.. who cares.. Now Happy mai dak lor..nobody will know what will happen in the future nomatter how loving the couple is now.. seen many hear too many sad stories.. aiks I am so negative geh? But I do hope mine will last forever ever ever ever and so does other couples.. less conflict.. no infidelity, no main games, kayu tiga etc.. hate hate hate
Have to stop here need to take Anti-Gila pill before my condition worsen.
Chocolate TimE! Boss not around ‘Wink Wink’

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