Tea for Two Restaurant

Last Saturday had a really really short dinner outings with my bestie Lim a.k.a Renee a.k.a. Ai Lim. We went out for tea suppose and we scratching our head off coz we are out of ideas as to where to head to suddenly this restaurant pops up in my mine.. at that time I am telling Lim that the cafe name was something like ‘Tea & Me’ and I am obviously finding myself dumbfounded when we arrive at the restaurant.. its call TEA for TWO or in short T4,2 (have to put comma here.. or else it would be call T forty two lol).
This is the first time I dine in here and when I saw this place the last time I had dinner with hubby and friends at Leonardo during CNY, I told myself I am going to ask Lim to come with me and ta-daaa.. here we are.. time to c some pictures..
This photo is not taken by me, I stole it from the star newspaper article. Thank you the Star! and see the apek there.. he is there on Sat night serving us our dinner and drinks. One thing about this restaurant, they don’t have many waiter/waitresses.. if you sit outside, it will take awhile before they realise you are there coz we did sit outside at first and its a blind spot table location and we move to sit inside instead so we can enjoy better service & attention.

This is how the ambiance like at night.

The food that I ordered, my all time favourite Spagetti Aglio Olio. Hubby sure say I waste money ordering food that is easy to cook, but I like it.. simple and nice and filling and got mushroom and olive oil, and some herbs, pepper, chilli.. yum yum..
Lim ordered Chicken ‘something’ spagetti wrap in paper
Spagetti Aglio Olio and ME.

Lim is complaining she is hungry already but I forced her to wait for pic time. This photo was taken by the apek..
Here’s the address to the restaurant if you wish to go.. Romantic atmosphere yo!

57, Jalan Bangkung, Off Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar, KL.
Business Hours: Daily, Lunch (11.30-3pm) Dinner (6.30pm – 11pm) Weekends (11.30am-11pm).

Check this out:


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