Do You Love me Truly?

I was listening to the radio talk the other day, when I am on my way to pick up the King from the office, and the talks were about ‘What is the thing you do, to mend your heart from breakup’. And there is this guy who says that he will keep his options open and find a girl who truly loves him for who he is. Then a question struck me too at that time.. yala I know I got nothing to think of.. anyway so after a hard day work.. I should ask the King this question.

Reached, and the King already waiting for me, put the bag at the back of the car and hop onto the car.

Me: Hi Ny… ‘Wink Wink’ smile smile
King: no sound from him
Me: How are you today?
King: Good good very busy and he blah about work….. and so on and on and on and….on..on..bleh
Me: So Ny, I got ONE question to ask you wor
King: Okay, apa tu?
Me: Ni She Jen Shing Ai Wo Ma?
King: Liang Roma terbuka, bulu berdiri and without thinking..!!!
Me: Hey!! Can you pls soon soon tan tan tell me you do? Moron!! ^#*&!$%@
King: Laugh His ASS OFF..
Me: Headshot. I sure know his answer will always be NOPE. So predictable..
King: Why you ask me such question eventhough you know I’ll answer you dat?
Me: I’d like to try my luck. Maybe once you will be so good and said I do love you truly.

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