Do you have a Manager?

Recently, after months and months of invitations from my friends asking me to join the Facebook game, and here I am playing Cafe World, Farm Ville, Fish Ville, Texas Poker, Happy Island, PetVille and the games that I am hooked to are Cafe World and Farm Ville.
After weeks of playing Cafe World, my hubby pulak took interest in what I do on Facebook and wonder why do I keep pestering him to let me use his laptop when I am at home and saying my food basi liao lor.. or my plant withered jor. Then Hubby compare my cafe with my nieces cafe and just yesterday, since I can’t log in to facebook during the day, Hubby volunteer.. kononnya.. to help me maintain my Cafe World. Of Course I am delighted and happy so my food wont go basi! Then during the day Hubby called me, text me and told me he renovated my cafe, add more tables, rearrange table and chairs, add door, Cook more stuff, buy decorations and he is so proud that my cafe rating from 5.0+ has shoot up to 105!!!!! Now he is worried whether when I am able to play it myself would I be able to maintain his standard?!
Now Hubby become my Cafe World Manager and under his new management I cannot do renovation myself, and when I serve my gifts food he complaint pulak why I serve!!.. Wat? This is MY CAFE wor.. Who is the righteous Owner and founder? .. I am amaze and surprise when Hubby took interest and play Cafe World, and its really funny when I c his reactions and remarks etc.. Keep it up, a self hired Manager of My Cafe World.
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