Smart Enough to Notice the real SALE?

The Air Asia Sale started yesterday and I have been checking AA sites for a week plus ever since Hubby suggested London this year. I check the possible dates to travel during Autumn which is September and October dates because AA only open for purchase of tickets until October.

During my browsing repetitions and I know I am not going to book any AA flights now yet, I’d still like to check out the price so that I would know better when I am going to BOOK IT for REAL. Then, I notice yesterday AA has revised their fare. Can you believe it? Maybe not. Before I continue with my rants, (AA dun sue me.. I beg you!) I should clearly state here that in my right state of mind this is my conclusion and my own personal opinion without concrete proof coz I didn’t write down the details of the flight and fare before they revised it. However I am pretty convinced myself and again I stressed that I check the same flight for a week on the London flight and brag about it with my fellow colleagues and told my loving hubby about it. So ..

Maybe the site now show different flight with different price I dunno, but those dates that I check last week the fare no longer available.

Lets analyze here:

Before SALE start cheapest (Based on Sept, October 2010)
KUL/STN (London)
STN/KUL (Ticket Fare Only) = RM864

In my memory this is the price. Its my bad cause I did not write down the flight details so I can compare it clearly now.

During AA Sale cheapest (Based on Sept, October 2010)
D7 2008 12:30/19:30 Fare= RM1060
D7 2009 21:00/17:00 + 1 = RM1060

See? Difference by what RM196 one way? If I never check the fare 1 week before, I will never notice the fare difference and AA is so smart, they revise the fare during their sale time!! and it says SALE, where is the SALE for London ticket?

Okay, Okay maybe you think I am biased or baseless.. nevermind. As a matter of fact comparing the fare price of London tickets for the newly available travel dates which is November till Feb 2011 the fare is indeed cheaper, see below fare price:

Travel Dates in btwn November 2010 till Feb 2011

D7 2008 14:15/20:45= RM674
D7 2009 22:50/20:15+1= RM674

Cheaper by How much? Calculate yourself la. So are you smart enough to notice the REAL SALE?
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