Extra Couple Time

Sometimes I just realize and like to embrace all and every moment I have not being a parent yet. Being a parent holds so much responsibility which I myself, not yet a parent will not know how much and how huge the responsibility is.
At this moment, I just feel so Free & Easy without any little tiny creature depending on me/us. Making many things possible like.. waking up late during weekends, with the choice of skipping meals, go out for shopping all day, tea-ing with frens..which may include booze, sleep late nights during movies/series marathon, Cuddling with hubby whenever, wherever without disturbance, less laundry, early catch for movies at the Cinema, without those babies crying noise, and less arguement and arguements not mainly on children/baby matter, more money to spend for myself, don’t have to wake up middle of the night for feeding, don’t have to look at the newspaper advertisement every Friday to look for milks promotions or diapers promotion, don’t have to baby talk, don’t have to get worried if baby’s not eating or not pooing… cleaning baby poops, eww.. I never clean baby poops before, not my young brother last time, not even my little niece until now.. haha.. I simply handover my little niece back to my sister when she poops.. and no wonder those who are parent keep on telling us .. enjoy more enjoy the time now enjoy not being a parent yet.. as everything will change and evolve when there is new addition to the family.
Hehe yes.. I enjoy every moment of it.. if u didn’t notice. I do in my own way and I sometimes ask myself the question y not wait.. and I believe God know’s me very well.. tat’s y.
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