Life of the lazy wife

Hubby were always complaining that I am a lazy wifey, and yep.. I couldn’t agree more. Whats a typical normal week for a lazy wife which is me? I’ll give you some peek here.

Monday and every other working days
X.15am- Handphone alarm ringing and ringing. Hubby have to wake up and pick up his phone
X.16am- Hubby call up to the lazy wifey.. Wake up baby!!
X.17am- I’ll say Can you snooze it to 5 mins and off I go to sleep again
X.20am- Alarm ringing again and once again the Hubby said wake up lor… 6.20 already.. hurry..
X.23am- I am still lying on the bed and trying to get more sleep
X.25am- Alarm ring again and.. my leg touch the floor with my ass still sticking on my bed
X.26am- Head to the shower to get ready
X.55am- Out of the shower with hubby’s towel and my turn to wake him
X.00am- When Hubby in the toilet, the wife try to catch a five minutes sleep hehe
X.10am- When heard the Hubby is showering, wake up and hurriedly change for work clothes
X.15am- Pretending busy doing make up for 15mins when the Hubby came back to the room.

Haha.. I bet my hubby didn’t know the wife steals additional time for the sleeps all this while.

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