Meet 2 Ends-

Meet 2 Ends? Yea.. In My Dream!!
Recently Hubby suggested we go London + Ireland this year for Holiday. I am so so so Extremely Excited.. and then
W.A.I.T. A. M.I.N.U.T.E….
How to plan?
I am so about to show my Middle Finger!!
Going London means its either we travel on Spring/Autumn.

ME: Travel Spring
Concern: March till May. Now already February and in just a short period of time, fares arent cheap even I push to travel dates to May and its going to get hot, hotter when summer arrive. The Hubby’s new Financial year, he will be pretty busy with his working plans to meet the quotas.
ME: Travel Autumn
Concern: September till November. Wat if I am preggie, another 8 months to go, if I were to hit the Jackpot soon definitely the plan has to be called off, but booking the flights now to London is crazy cheap 2 person for only RM2900 yet it carries a risk of loosing that amount of money with my WAT IF.

I am about to go Crazy with my WAT IF, where meeting 2 Ends just seems impossible to me right now.

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