Orang East Coast?

This year is my 2nd year celebrating CNY with my in-laws back in Kuantan.. and I come fully prepared for it this time.
My Plan was to cook vegetarian dish for 1st day of CNY, follow by having mee sua on the 2nd day and 3rd day to have McD perhaps. I told SIL about my plan, and she was laughing at hubby for failing to turn me to ‘Orang East Coast’. Both of them, are so happy to be back to Kuantan, and they crave for Malay Food? Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu all kinds of Malay food, which I in turn, Orang KL does not really favor Malay food except Nasi Lemak, which I think I can have it any day of the year but just not during CNY.
Anyway, hubby of course knowing I am pure ah lian comes to food, does not give me a hard time and has been supportive when comes to buying ingredients for my vegetarian dish cooking, which my MIL can enjoy on Day 1. Turn out, the whole family and 2 additional members of the relative, enjoyed my vegetarian dish and my nieces had a 2nd plate/serving which usually they don’t. I am delighted and really happy that everyone loves it and this will be the tradition for the years to come, Vegetarian Dish for CNY Day 1. Its not that bad right? Orang East Coast campur Orang KL.
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