Dedication to Jimmy Ngoh

Dearest Ny,
Where ever you may be,
I know you would miss me,
and your LOVE to me,
is the best ever happen to me,
and thank you dearest Hubby
for your love and care
sorry this year no valentines card hehehe

I know I know abit yuk ma.. I oso feel very cold, but I would really like to let you know that you’ve done a great job being a loving husband, lover, friend, partner for all the vices mainly alcohol.
You have been very supportive, attentive and sensitive to the wife’s needs and moods and emotions throughout all these years, and eventhough hubby has a nature of nagging but its all for my benefits and yes.. please continue to humour me everyday and night and since Chinese New Year coming, please clear your Kisses debt to me ya, you’ve been away so long remember?
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