Hubby a-w-a-y

Fly.. flying.. he is flying off soon.. tonight have to sleep alone again. This time hubby goes to Bangkok and he has given me instruction what to do when he isn’t around.
Instruction 1:
Dun go shopping
Instruction 2:
Dun go out so often.. stay at home except meeting up my forum friends on Wednesday, which he already knew.
Instruction 3:
Wash clothes before he comes back.
Instruction 4:
Pack the clothes etc, before he reach home on Thursday so that we can go back Kuantan Friday morning without delays from my rubbish packing.
Instruction 5:
Instruction 6:
Fold the clothes, dun be lazy.
Hah.. give me so many instructions!! Cis.. -.- kakakaka hubby didn’t know I am going to have a hair cut this evening.
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