The King Has Returned

The Hubby King is back. Haha and the King brought home souvenirs and guess who got the most? The Wife! yey!!.. but but poor hubby.. suffered a little in Korea, due to the horrible weather, he came back wounded.. back of the palm skin were so red and skin super dry, its like cold burn, and his skin is super duper dry (heh, told him use vaseline dunwan to listen to me) . Pity him, now have to slap alot of cream onto his whole body, have to lotionsoak the dry skin and use my Origins Expensive Moisturiser that I use it ocasionally on his face with the Origins White Tea weather protector .. anyway its time to finish the jar hehe.
Here’s hubby recent loots:
24K Gold Plated bookmark from Iteawon:

From the Airport:
This is how they pack it

My Laneige Souvenir:
Refreshing Cleansing Oil and Multi Cleanser
Laneige Hydra Solution Essence and Multi Function Mascara
Hanskin: BB Cream and Bio Hyomou Cream
(frankly I dunno wat is this Bio Hyomou but I will use it like moisturiser lar)

After I use the product, I’ll share my views on it ya.

Maybe I should write about everything I use and give my view on it. haha .. not going to happen. dun worry
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