Benefit Brows a-go-go

Last sunday went to KLCC for some make up shopping with Lim, she wanted to explore on make up.. at last!!! I have been nagging her and advise her to put on some make up for ages, and at the age of (ops secret) finally.. finally.. my saliva almost dried up?.. she said she want to learn make up and make her eyes look bigger and more attractive.
So I pick her up and she already put on make up..the wrong way ‘ ‘) I should tell her to make her face bare that day. So the first stop when we reach KLCC was.. Bobbi brown counter in Isetan.. hmm not much colour choice and the artist were busy with another client.. then we went to Shiseido.. and well their eye pallete is buyable.. not bad.. then I tot of Benefit! So we went to Parkson Benefit counter and quickly ask the artist to help my dear friend on her make up. Give her some tips and and she bought the make up set for the eyes..
I’ll list down what she bought /got that day.. and its my recommended product yo
1) Benefit- Oh So Glamorous for eye
2) Shiseido – Cream Pink Eye shadow
3) Shiseido – Black eyeshadow
4) Maybeline – Mascara
5) Benefit -Rose tint (free sample)
Then as per my recommendation, she bought a Folie Folie White Watch For Men less 50% discount, but its so suit on her wrist.. I didn’t take the picture.. can’t show it here sorry.
I being a person who is a virgin at brow drawing, shaping, watever bought 1 product kit from Benefit as well.
Here’s the pic
Its abit expensive, but looking at its size I think I can use it for years to come and I like the Brow Wax the most!!! Whats inside Brow a-go-go included:
1) Two of their Brow Zings powders (light and dark)
2) Brow Zings wax
3) Smokin Liner
4) Eye Bright, a cream eye brightener
5) Brow highlighter powder
6) Mini tweezers
7) Hard angle/talent brush

I’d give rating 4.5 star out of 5 for this product. hehe me talking about rating pulak now

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