Chinese New Year Decorations

Last year my chinese new year decorations was only 1 boy and 1 girl clad in traditional chinese costumes decorations card and I stick it on my main wooden door. I left it there for almost a year and I thought I don’t have to take it down and could last until after the 2010 CNY. But somehow, my SIL peel it off when she was spring cleaning (finally.. after so looooooooooong) 2 months ago. Anyway, I will stick it back to the same place again this year. Recycle hehe.
Then, I’ve been thinking of getting pussy willow as this year CNY decorations from IKEA, after much thought, I didn’t get it anyway.. at least at this moment, I am still holding off buying it. Heard from friends that pasar malam can sell it cheaper..but where can I or which pasar malam? I haven’t been to chinese dominated pasar malam like from OUG for so long coz its not convenient anymore and hubby doesn’t like crowded place due to risk of pick pocket?!. Better be safe than sorry.. Anyway, pussy willow cannot be recycled to next year or years to come, so I have a better idea. Getting the Fake Cherry Blossom plant would be nice, and have the ‘Ang Ang’ feel.. in hokkien Red Red if not mistaken.
So today, went to One Utama Jusco and found the Cherry Blossom selling at 50% discount, RM36 before discount for 2 stalks. Hmm.. is that a cheap price already? After consultation from hubby, we walk to the Highstreet Ground floor and saw another stall selling it at a cheaper price and better quality, 2 stalk for RM10 and we bought 5 stalks. Good buy isn’t it? Will pasar malam still be cheaper? I have no idea, but I’m happy with the purchase. What say you?
Some of the nice picture of cherry blossom to share:

Inspiration of Cherry Blossom Theme decorations /Interior Design:

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