Draw Eyebrow

I have pre-obsession of drawing eyebrow as I know that drawing eyebrow will make my face sharper and of course prettier. But then I am a total Idiot at Drawing Eyebrow, or I would say I need those book like Drawing Eyebrow for Dummies?

Checked out on youtube, about drawing eyebrow tutorials and as recommended by Anna to remember 3 points for drawing the brow.. I followed as per diagram. See the dotted line.. I am blur and that I really doesn’t know how to determine the arch gap or so.

I remembered my eye brows drawn during the pre wedding shoot and I totally like the shape of it and I was thinking yeah, nice eye brow should look like this shape and I would love to draw it err if suitable to my eyes lar.. mata sepet susah.

A sketch of the nice eye brow. Au naturale

Nice Eyebrow!! with lovely eyes. Mata Sepet cannot look like these lor.
Anyway, I tried to draw my eyebrow last night, using the eyebrow brush and the eyebrow pencil, and I was hoping to look like this at the very least, not so natural but nice too. see below






My eyes almost pop out and I almost have a heart attack by looking at myself. Here’s the sample how I look like after drawing my eyebrow.

And I feel gorgeously .. wrong.. I feel like this inside me now..

Remember I suppose to be skinny right.. and with beautiful voluptious body. Totally doesn’t work with me after drawing the eyebrows. I quickly wash my face.. and lucky hubby not around when i did the experimento..

Maybe.. maybe I should draw my eyebrow even thicker than Ugly Betty like this pic below, then perhaps I will look gorgeous all over? Fall in love with me? Yea!

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