Tigress Broke

Its the year of Tiger in Year 2010.

This year is my 2nd year celebrating Chinese New Year with the Married Status. Giving out Ang Pow is a practise in chinese customs during these times. I wonder during this economic situation, will there be people folding 4 letter Man Xi Yu Yi type of characters into the angpow and give it out? Hahaha if i receive such angpow I will not be offended coz I received it before, I don’t know which parents do it, coz I don’t keep track like other ppl did, writing name of the angpow giver on the red envelope. It is suppose the right way of giving red envelope right, for children to appreciate the spirits of the new year celebration? But no worries, for whoever still single or children out there, I wont do it coz I can’t read/write chinese characters nor will I be so muka tebal to do it. Imagine a 5 year old holding your angpow and said to his/her mummy ‘ hah? no money inside 1?’ or telling the mum the value of the angpow like RM2 oni. Don’t get me wrong, I will still prepare those RM2 angpow to be given to the not so close / not known whose children is that category.
Well, I have to be prepared to be called cheapskate auntie!! Hahahah don’t care what they gonna say to me or behind my back, coz their comment will not be taken seriously, money is still money especially February is the pocket dry month. My Angpow will range from RM2, RM4, RM5, RM10, RM20, & RM50. Hopefully I tak salah bagi angpow lar, need alot of different Angpow packet to differentiate it and a good handbag to carry angpow T-T shopaholic in action again. Nope I will not buy a new handbag. I wont buy a RED hangbag just to carry angpow. I will not be so dumb doing it. Unless someone want to give me 1 as a gift I don’t mind. But I wont buy!
I will not!
I refrain to be shopaholic!
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