My Saturday 16 Jan 2010

Told hubby that I would like to go IKEA on Saturday and we went.
As usual we had our breakfast at IKEA, 2 plates of fried mee hoon,
their Sambal is so nicee…… and 2 pcs of Chicken Wing (I should have
heated it in the microwave) and a cup of FREE IKEA Coffee .. and refills
of capuccino. Heaven…

Its been a while since I wash eyes at IKEA and I have been looking in
the electronic catalogue from , I’ve set my eyes on the
occasional tables that cost RM759, but my we found another 1 which is
better and slightly higher, price cheaper too RM499.. but we have yet
to decide whether to buy it or not. Hmm hubby was concerned whether
it is a waste to buy that table to put mails and newspaper. Yeah the table
can reduce cluster, and I can decorate that space with abit of our photos
but RM499 to reduce cluster is it worth it? Or we shall make a real
cabinet at the other corner of the house that may cost about RM2-4K
at least? I really hate that corner of the house, its really messy with
lots of small memorablia that is too much to be displayed. Perhaps I am
biased again?

I should stop complaining! no husband like a wife who gives him trouble
and headache all the time when all & everyone wanted including me is

After our little discovery in IKEA, we went to Cineleisure for Sherlock
Holmes, we have delayed watching this movie from the day the movie is
up… hubby has been busy and travelling but here, finally we watched it
before the stop showing it in the cinema. They are only showing it once
at 12.05pm and we were there at 11.55am hahahhaah

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