2010 New Year Resolutions?

When every new year comes, everyone have a new year resolutions.
I am one of them. Resolutions are always made, but keeping and
achieving it is different stories. So yea, I’m going to have a new year
resolutions and some of it is the repeatitions and some of them might
be new, I can’t remember.

Year 2010 Resolutions

1. pssst.. this is secret. Those who know me well, know what it is.
2. To be rich by doing nothing but buying TOTO
3. To include healthier diet and reduce Hubby’s weight
4. To encourage and promote Clark Hatch to Hubby so he would sign up.
5. To be able to buy smaller size shirts for Hubby
6. To be able to wear my smallest size pants.. S size or at least waist 26inch
7. To be able to stand on my bathroom scale and be happy.
8. To have my own car, so that I can sleep until 7am on weekdays.
9. To go for more vacations, in fact I know I can choose ONE destination only.
10. To smile more and tell Hubby that He love me so much everyday. Cheeky!!
11. To cook more steam food.
12. To get a Pressure Cooker, Visions, Thermal Cooker whichever comes first is ok.
13. To get a maid to clean the house.
14. To get rid of small ants in the house and Lizards!! hate them. Cockroach must DIE.
15. I think I should get tailor to make my clothes rather than buy at store. Hmm.
16. To get my online biz engine going.. once failure doesn’t mean forever failure. Try try
17. To get more kisses from Hubby even I have to force him. I dun care.
……(My kisses means alot of things, a whole package)
18. To be able to swim effortlessly.
19. To go for weekend jogs with Hubby more often. TTDI Hills, we sure conquet u geh.
20. To grow more plants.. If I dun choose to abandon my project planting & gardening.
21. To install 1 more air cond in the living area. I am sweating like PIG.
22. To have Kitchen Cabinet.
23. To reduce shopaholic syndrom.. Its killing me both way. In debt or stop shopping.
24. To change job with better pay and options to work at home.
25. To psycho my Hubby to take up his Golf Lessons.
26. To not buy surprise gift for Hubby.. I think i actually reduce that alot dy. Nvm.
27. To stay beautiful and retain my crown. My hubby knows what title I am saying.
28. To stay healthy and pretty and attactive
29. To have more than RM50 in my purse most of the time.
30. To get Hubby change his beneficiary to my Name. Pls do it for My Sake!!! Protect me!
31. To be able to hack Hubby’s email password. kakakaka Just say oni. I wont do it coz
……too stupid to do it. Anyone want to offer their service pls let me know. Ops again I give
……my hubby privacy geh.
32. To promote Hubby as Chef instead of Cooking Director.
33. I can’t think of anymore yet.. wait ah.

Wait ah.. whenever I tot of something I will add it here. kekekekke

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