Empty Restaurant Symptom

This article was publish in the Star newspaper on Sunday and what
is written is so true. Please take your time to read it.

As this article does not talk much about Yik Kee Restaurant, so let
me do abit of promoting it here hehehe.

The first time I went to this restaurant, (my Hubby bring me there),
my first impression was its quite an empty restaurant with just 2-3
tables occupied. I was wondering why my hubby bring me there in
the first place. Is the food good? or he just too lazy to bring me farther
to eat.

Then when the dishes came, the food is nice, and as explained by
hubby this rest is very famous in karak especially their durian tart,
durian pancakes and the patin fish, but too bad the durian tart is not
available here except the karak HQ.

From that time onwards, I always like to eat in Yik Kee.. their food
is nice (I repeated I know, the restaurant is clean, the waiter and waitress
are attentive and gives good service, they don’t charge corkage if you
bring bottles of wines and let you use their wine glasses. The atmosphere
in rest. is calm, therefore you can have a good meal peacefully unlike other
rest. which is too busy or too much patrons and with the so so food.

Mama’s Kitchen is actually located at the same row as Yik Kee restaurant.
In comparison btwn Mama’s kitchen and Yik Kee.. I would prefer Yik Kee
Some ppl who has not been to Yik Kee thought they charge expensive, but i
n fact the price are reasonable. Yik Kee also sell 2-3 types of traditional biscuit,
in chinese we call it as ‘Sat Ke Ma and Mai Chang’ which is packed
individually to keep its freshness. The Sat Ke Ma is my favourite, if you
happen to dine there, you should buy a pack and try. Guarantee that you will
ask for more.

During my wedding, I did not have any catering, but we actually booked 3 tables
in Yik Kee and treat our Family members, Heng Dai and Jimui to have lunch
there. Everyone who had lunch there compliments the good food Yik Kee
prepared and we are so glad that they like it, including ourself.

So.. anyone who would like to try out some good cantonese food should give
Yik Kee a try.. eventhough the shop look empty, they have their own fans.

Check out the photos below.
I stole the photos from 1 of the foodblog. Pls dun sue me.

This wild patin fish dish is very famous in Yik Kee Restaurant.
Its a must try dish.

Sang Har Mee.. yum yumm

Roast Duck, depending the portion of your order. If big group
have to reserve. Very NICE!!!!!

They offer quite a range of steam soup selections too. If you are not a
big eater, and have a crave for soup, ordering a bowl of steam soup and a vege and
you still get good service from them.

Pls.. come to Yik Kee and try their food… I am not the owner but I do
hope Yik Kee will not close shop in the near future. A good restaurant
are hard to find.

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